Chestnut Hill Bathroom Remodeling | 19118 Bath Remodelers

At Spence Residential we know how important your Chestnut Hill home’s bathroom is to you. Did you know that on average we spend one-third of our lives in the bathroom? We believe your bathroom should be a calm, relaxing, rejuvenating space. A space that you don’t want to leave instead of a place you rush to get in and get out of. Perk up your mood and update your home with our Chestnut Hill bathroom remodeling service.

Our Chestnut Hill bathroom remodelers have years of experience in creating the perfect bathrooms for our customers. Included in our bathroom remodeling services are:

• Custom cabinetry installation and replacement

• Countertop replacement

• Custom tiling, tile installation and tiling repair

• Flooring installation, replacement and repair

• Lighting updates and replacements

• Electrical updates

• Plumbing repair and installation

• Painting

• Custom carpentry

We are more than the average bathroom remodelers Chestnut Hill homeowners usually hire. Our reputation has been built on solid customer service and high-quality workmanship that speaks for itself. No Chestnut Hill bathroom remodeling job is too small or too complicated for our master carpenters and workers. If you’re thinking about giving your Chestnut Hill home’s bathroom a much-needed facelift but are not ready to undergo a full-scale renovation, there are still some small renovations you can make that will get you big results.

Not ready to demolish your old water closet? Check out some of the more skin-deep renovations that you can consider for your Chestnut Hill bathroom. When you settle on one that you like and are ready to get started, give our Chestnut Hill bathroom remodeling service a call.

• Countertops and cabinets – You may be amazed at what a difference it can make to simply change your cabinetry and countertops. Opt for a simple change of color, or choose a more intensive rehab method and finishing technique.

• Want more storage space? – Sometimes adding small shelving units on the wall instead of relying on stand-alone cabinets can free up some floor space and give you more room to store your towels and linens.

• Mirrors, mirrors on the wall – If you’ve got a smaller bathroom but want to give it the illusion of more space consider adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors!

Now that you’re thinking about your Chestnut Hill bathroom renovation start looking through some magazines, watch television shows, and get decorating ideas from all around. Then give us a call and we’ll start building you your dream bathroom!

Call us at (610) 960-0788! Our skilled Chestnut Hill bathroom remodelers can’t wait to answer your questions.